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*This price does not include the chain. Please choose your desired chain and length from the Chains section.*

A gorgeous deep blue Kyanite sits on a scalloped backplate, with 15 eclectic charms dangling below. We have, from left to right, a wire-wrapped, faceted Labradorite, a domed feather charm, a wire-wrapped Labradorite & Aquamarine charm, a bezel set Labradorite, a silver loop, a wire-wrapped faceted Aquamarine charm, a bezel set Rainbow Moonstone teardrop, a silver loop, a wire-wrapped Labradorite briolette, a bezel set faceted Sapphire, 5 wire-wrapped Labradorite beads, another silver loop, a cast silver feather with a bezel-set Iolite, a bezel-set Aquamarine, and a wire-wrapped Rainbow Moonstone.

Kyanite is a stone of courage & strength; Labradorite eases transitions; Aquamarine is for calm & protection; Rainbow Moonstone supports love & balance; Sapphire for intuition & clarity; and Iolite for intuition & regeneration.

Kyanite, Labradorite, Aquamarine, and Rainbow Moonstone + Artifact Necklace no.

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