This is an oxidized sterling silver link chain with 6 beads- 3 of them are the sterling beads that I cast from my daughter’s vintage plastic beads and 3 of them are beads that I made from the amazing smooth pebbles that I found at Pebble Beach. I finished it with a sterling lobster clasp.

I made one of these pebble beads for my Mom’s Pandora bracelet, which I never take off. It has become like a touch stone for me; it is so soothing to rub. I think that in that way, this could be so helpful for someone with anxiety, or something who likes to fidget and fiddle. I predict that you will constantly move these beads up and down the chain, and spin these beads, and rub these stones.

I also just love the kind of random look of it, asymmetrical, earthy, wild, but also sort of modern?

Fiddle Necklace no.1