I can’t remember if I have shared this here before?  For as long as I can remember, I have referred to my “depression” as the (W)hole.  When it came, it was all encompassing, the deepest, darkest hole imaginable.  And there came a time when I realized that most of my drawings and paintings, and even random scribbles, had circles at the center.  It occurred to me that maybe that was my subconscious, trying to express the pain of the (W)hole without me realizing it.  

When I first made this necklace design, that was also what came to my mind.  But, I have learned an important lesson since I first made this design.  For many years I have tried to fill the (W)hole- first with material things, then with friends, with travel, with romantic partners, with experiences, with music, with pets, even with children….  And although at times it would shrink, it would always grow back again and it never went away.  But I think, because of the intense work I have been doing the last few years, I now know the only thing that can fill it.  It is love for myself.  Love for all of the versions of myself, past and present.   Unconditional, fierce, self-love is the only way to relieve the soul deep pain of the (W)hole.

Now, knowing a thing and doing a thing are certainly not the same!  But I am trying!  I am working so hard at loving myself, and loving my inner child.  It’s insane how difficult it is.  But that is what this necklace represents, because Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of self-love.  And there it is, instead of a hole, at the center of this design.

And this particular Rainbow Moonstone is really spectacular!  It’s hard to describe the multi-colored flash this one has.  The back says simply “love”.  The pendant measures 1 1/4” and comes on this 17” medium cable chain.

Love. Rainbow Moonstone Necklace