Meant to represent the beautiful diversity that can be found in Pacific coast tidepools, this whimsical piece even includes the elusive octopus.


Lovely ocean colors- Rainbow Moonstone, for balance & love; blue Sapphire, for calm & joy; Iolite, for intuition & clarity; Tanzanite, for composure & serenity; and Labradorite, for transformation & imagination. And a sweet little starfish makes an appearance too.

The octopus is such a magnificent creature, as well as a powerful totem. says this about them:

“People with the Octopus totem know how to get what they want intelligently and efficiently. They are also productive workers and often accomplish far more than the average person in the same amount of time. Folks with this spirit animal know how to get what they want and can effectively camouflage their desires until the last possible moment. Octopus totem people are often very flexible and agile, quick thinking, and gifted at abstract reasoning. They also rarely get upset at things and are always adapting and adjusting as needed to make life easier.”

The pendant measures just about 2" x 1 1/4".  On 18” leather, with a sterling lobster closure.  If you would prefer a cahin, I can do that as well.

Octopus Tide Pool Necklace