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*This price includes a 28” leather strap. If you’d like something else, please select your desired chain and length from the Chains section.*

This artifact necklace features a Raven in flight with 11 charms- from left to right: a blue sapphire oval, a 3 bead Aquamarine charm, a bezel-set Teal Kyanite, a feather with the word “insight” on the back & a Labradorite, a 5 bead blue Sapphire charm, a Raven disc, a Rainbow Moonstone teardrop, wire-wrapped Kyanite briolette, a wire-wrapped rose cut blue Sapphire, a bead hoop, a bezel-set Apatite, and a wire-wrapped Kyanite.

The Raven is a symbol of protection, insight, and transformation. Blue Sapphire is also a stone of protection and insight. Aquamarine and Kyanite support tranquility, Labradorite is for transformation, Rainbow Moonstone is for love & balance, and Apatite assists manifestation.

Raven. Artifact Necklace no. 7

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