Because I’ve been focusing on some re•wilding of my own again, I felt the need to make a “re•wild” necklace to offer to you all.  This one is smallish but hefty.  It features a lovely Labradorite lake and crescent moon, with the mountains as an extra layer for added depth.  Snowflakes accompany the stars in the sky.  The backs say “re•wild”.  And Labradorite is a stone of transition.  Here is what re•wilding means to me:

In the natural world, rewilding means letting an area of land grow how it wants to, how it was meant to, back to it’s real, true form.  No invasive plants or foreign trees, etc.  To rewild yourself, you let go of all of the barriers you’ve created, all of the misconceptions and shoulds and labels and untruths about yourself, and you just let yourself be who you are meant to be.  I feel that, without knowing it, or having a name for it, this is the process I have been going through for a few years now.   To rewild ourselves just means to come back to ourselves, back to the true essence of who we are and who we are meant to be.  Not how society views us, not any labels we have, not how we portray ourselves on social media, not the masks we wear to hide who we really are.  Rewilding is about shedding all of that and remembering who we truly are, before we were wounded, or labeled, or shamed into being something else, before we closed off certain parts of ourselves or stopped believing in things that mattered to us... whatever that looks like for you. 

I invite you to come along with me for a bit of rewilding of your own, in whatever capacity feels right to you.

This necklace comes with the chain pictured here.

Re•wild. Labradorite + Mountain Necklace