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This is a medium sized worry stone necklaces, for those of you who like your pieces a bit on the smaller side. It is from my most recent finds, at Pebble Beach, and is extremely smooth and rub-able. There is just something so calming and soothing about these stones, that were once huge rocks, broken down to this size, all of the rough edges worn smooth over thousands of years, and then tumbled by the ocean for thousands more, until they became as soft and smooth as this. It’s remarkable, really.

As a recent resident to the state of Oregon, beach combing has become my new favorite pastime. Just like going to thrift stores and peering into tide pools, I feel like beach-combing is just a treasure hunt. You never know what you are going to find if you take the time to look!


Ever since I was a child, I have loved the feel of a worry stone. And it occurred to me that I could make worry stone necklaces with these beautiful stones. It seems to me that everyone should have a wearable worry stone.


This one features a beautiful smooth green beach stone, perfect for rubbing. It has been tumbled to perfection by the sea. I drilled a hole in it, added a silver core, and suspended it from a small hoop. The black leather strap is included.

Small Oregon Beach Stone Necklace no. 3

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