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*This price does not include the chain! If you need a chain, please choose your desired type and length from the Chains section.*

As you most likely know if you’ve been here awhile, Conor Oberst (and Bright Eyes) is my favorite. Ian Felice (and The Felice Brothers) is a close second. Anyway, the back of this necklace has his lyrics from the song Bowl of Oranges. It is a rain cloud, with Aquamarine & Rainbow Moonstone raindrops falling from it. The back says “Your eyes must do some raining if you’re ever gonna grow”. These words mean a lot to me, as they speak to the dichotomy of life that I do believe in- no good without the bad, no ups without the downs.

I made the cloud out of wax and cast it into silver, and made the rain drops from scratch. They each dangle individually and one has my maker’s mark on the back. The pendant measures just under 3”.

Your Eyes Must Do Some Raining If You’re Ever Gonna Grow. Necklace

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