*This price is for just the heart pendant, not the chain. If you need a chain, please select the type & length in the Chains section*

It can be hard working through old pain, and sometimes very painful. I think the wounds we carry from our early life can be some of the hardest to mend. The repercussions are carried with us deep inside, manifesting in unexpected and often unknown ways. To try to uncover those injuries and repair them takes a lot of self love. That is what the Rainbow Moonstone is for. Rainbow Moonstone supports love, including self love, and balance.

This is a talisman, to help navigate old waters and heal old wounds. Its weight has a lovely comforting feel. An old counselor of mine once said something to the effect of "you can't keep all your shit locked away in a box inside, you have to take it out and let it fertilize your garden". Here’s to epic gardens!

A talisman, for you warrior women who are so strong, and have endured so much, but continue to heal and move forward, despite your pain.

Your Mended Heart. Rainbow moonstone